New Business in Exergy


The New Business for end users is a one day programme consisting of a mix between video demonstrations and practical exercises that will show the unique value that Exergy offers in the normal day-to-day business functions.

We will focus on the manual onboarding of a contract using Exergy.

  • manual capturing of client information
  • validation processes as aligned between business requirements and the product
  • acceptance of a contract
  • acceptance impacts


  • Identify the difference between the policy and contract levels
  • Successfully create new clients, policies and contracts in Exergy
  • Access a policy and navigate to the contract to distinguish between the components/benefits, payment details, client roles and transaction types
  • Recognise and understand the underwriting and reassurance impacts on the policy
  • Perform validations and acceptance of the policies
  • Recognise all the different acceptance impacts on the contract; i.e. requirements, financial, clients, correspondence, versions, etc.
  • Practical application by means of working through various contract type examples; reinforcing the knowledge attained


Even though this programme was based on an earlier version of Exergy; i.e. V23 the principles when working with clients/or contracts remains very similar.

We will be introducing a new look at onboarding of policies in a later Exergy version; shortly.


Course Materials