Fundamentals of RulesGuru – Level Three Training


This course has been designed and developed specifically for SilverBridge personnel who will be responsible for new client implementations and support of their solutions.

It will give the Product Implementation Consultant insight on the following aspects:

  • How to work with the unit fund account and set admin and surplus portfolios.
  • Understand scheme configuration requirements to apply correct rules.
  • Amendments of treaty rules for reassurance purposes.


Completion of the Fundamentals of RulesGuru – Level One Training is a pre-requisite for commencement of this course. This course forms only the initial introduction to each module and will in due course be extended to include more complex and detailed information on this subject matter.


  • Understand how to create a new unit fund account and that the fund is correctly available on the contract in Exergy
  • Understand the set up requirements for admin and surplus portfolios
  • Understand the difference between Member data schemes and Non member data schemes in Exergy
  • Successfully create a new scheme, linked to a contract where the correct validate, calculate and financial rules are applied
  • Understand the difference between a Treaty and a Treat Group in Exergy
  • Successfully amend the existing treaty rules for a contract type to initiate the correct reassurance value and premium based on the changes as implemented.

Environment readiness

You will need the following in support of the training material:

  1. Exergy software application and the RulesGuru Independent Tool
  2. You will need a local instance of Exergy
  3. Download the corresponding database and ‘Bin’ folder
  4. Install Exergy locally
  5. Visual Studio 2012 – Any version of Visual Studio can be used, except for Visual Studio Express as this does not provide the required debugging capabilities. This must be installed on your PC
  6. Shared code of Exergy
  7. Arrange for  RulesGuru access credentials

Course flow

  1. The structure of this course will require that you view the video/s for each lesson of the course. The video/s will explain the detail of the lesson and can be viewed as many times as needed. Once you are comfortable that the subject is understood, proceed with the completion of the series of the exercises listed in each lesson.
  2. After completing the exercises the output must be verified by means of ‘Unit testing’ in Exergy.


Course Materials