Automated Testing Tool – BHave


This course is aimed at your non-technical user that is responsible for the creation, maintenance and execution of comprehensive automated testing within the company.

Automated Testing is the use of software to create and control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes and other test controls and test reporting functions.

SilverBridge uses an in-house developed automated testing tool which is used to perform daily regression testing. This ensures that existing functionality still works and reduces time and expenses associated with manual testing.

The automated testing tool is known Bhave and in this course we will focus on the following four key factors:

  •  An introduction of the basic concepts of BHave
  • Getting your environment BHave ready
  • How to plan your test suites, actions on a timeline and the planning tools you will encounter
  • How to build the test suites by means of creating vanilla test cases, to copy and replay the test cases as well as import results and fine tune the data and results


The course begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of Bhave.

You will then learn to recognise and understand the difference between the Bhave and Exergy databases.

You will prepare the two databases so that you can use these for your test suites

By the recognition of actions performed on a timeline and the use of appropriate planning tools within your test suite; you will successfully create vanilla test cases.

As part of the maintenance of the test suite you will understand how to copy and replay a test case, import result sets as well as how to fine tune the data and results.

Environment readiness

You will need the Exergy software application available in support of this training material to successfully check your understanding of the course.

It is important to note that BHave is currently available for both Exergy released V23 and V24 of the code as well as the latest current version of Exergy.


  • Internal clients: Access to BHave is by means of the .exe that is located in the ‘bin’ folder of the relevant code matching the database to be used when completing this exercise
  • SilverBridge clients: Access to BHave is currently to be arranged by your Release Manager or alternatively please direct an email to so that we can advise how the necessary access will be arranged

A good understanding of Exergy and your products, together with a basic understanding of SQL is recommended when creating your test environment.

It is recommended that you re-create the scenarios as covered in the video so that you are able to apply the knowledge gained.


Course Materials