This Claims end-user course is a one day programme consisting of a mix between video demonstrations and practical exercises that will show the unique value that Exergy offers in successfully supporting key day-to-day claims capture, validation, acceptance and claims payment processes within the Life Company.

The focus is mainly on:

  • general overview of the claims process in Exergy
  • capturing of a claim
  • working with claim payments
  • working some additional claim principles; e.g. ex-gratia claims, recurring claims, etc.


  • Distinguish the difference between the various claim processes in Exergy; i.e. Capture, Register, Ready for decision, Approval, Payment and the Closing thereof; to understand the full lifecycle of a claim in Exergy
  • Understand the various claim searches available in Exergy
  • Processing of some frequently used claim types; e.g. Death, Disability, Surrenders, etc.
  • How to work with invalid claims
  • How to work with claim beneficiaries and the payment of the claim
  • Understand the claim decisions; i.e. approval, cancel and repudiate
  • Differentiate between ex gratia payments vs. ex gratia claims
  • Differentiate between recurring claims vs. recurring payments
  • Recognise the various claim impacts and the transactions created through the claim lifecycle


Even though this programme was based on an earlier version of Exergy; i.e. V23 the principles when working with policy claims remains very similar.

We will be introducing a new look at the working with claims in the later versions of Exergy, shortly.



Course Materials