Commission Administration


This commission administration course demonstrates the unique value that Exergy offers in successfully supporting the commission processing activities within the Life Company.

This will include a typical setup of the structures required to manage the commission owners, the commission cycle and the various distribution types, the processing of the commission payments for payroll purposes and the standard reporting functionality.


  • Understand the marketing structure in Exergy
  • Create new commission owners within this structure
    • Link the relevant strategies to the levels created
    • Understand the workflow interaction during the authorisation and rejection process of the levels created
  • Understand the sales support structure in Exergy
    • Link the relevant sales support consultant to the relevant commission owners
    • Understand the workflow interaction during the authorisation and rejections process
  • Understand the policy commission owners, contract and distribution commission as well as the commission transactions affecting policies
  • Understand the different Exergy commission distribution types
  • Understand the makeup of the commission owner level accounts as maintained in Exergy
  • Successfully perform the commission processing tasks such as cash-ups and level payments to ensure commission payments are processed
  • Successfully complete a payroll export and the extraction of the effected data using the standard Exergy reporting functionality
  • data extract by means of the
  • Understand the general commission owner structure maintenance that is required; e.g. broker/contract takeovers, level promotions, level closure, etc.


Even though this programme was based on an earlier version of Exergy; i.e. V23 the principles remain the same.

The main change in later versions is that we now have an Intermediary Dashboard where all functionality on management of this function in the Life Company is accessed and maintained. User experience and efficiency has been enhanced through this dashboard. We will be introducing a new look at commission processing using this dashboard shortly.




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