Exergy Introduction


This introductory course is a high level overview introducing you to Exergy.

The total solution enables insurers to effectively create, deliver, administer and manage a full range of financial solutions, both as individual policies or as group schemes.

Even though the solution is highly customisable, certain concepts and the initial framework remains fairly constant. This course serves to introduce this framework so that you can easily recognise the various components making up the basis that will form your solution. 


Have an understanding of the basic functionality in Exergy

Identify the difference between the policy and contract levels

Recognise and understand the different Client, Policy, Claim Search variations

Recognise the difference between the various system dates used in Exergy

Distinguish the difference between common terms found on a policy, e.g. components, payment details, client roles and transaction details

Identify the basic difference between manual and automatic type alterations

Understand how Exergy is used to manage the claims process; i.e. Capture, Register, Ready for Decision and Pay



Course Materials