Nodewalker Administration


In a highly competitive industry where efficiency is key; workflow can have a huge administrative benefit for the various business focus areas within the Life Company.

Nodewalker workflow enhances processing times and ensures work is always allocated and prioritised. This also means that work is automated through the workflow when business rules are met and thus requires none or very little human intervention.

Nodewalker provides:

  • a workflow component, providing the ability to assign and manage work items between different work lists
  • encompasses work distribution and reporting
  • a workflow on the normal day-to-day business processes within the organisation for example in the new business, client services, claims processing areas and payment authorisations, to name just a few
  • specific roles within the organisation have the ability to re-assign work and manage the user work lists
  • easy navigation between work items


  • Understand the basic principles of workflow within Exergy
  • Understand the workflow terminology used in Exergy
  • Understand the standard default claims route assisted by the standard Exergy movements
  • Create a manual work item in a route
  • Successfully re-assign work items to alternative users
  • Trace the path an item has taken by means of understanding the history feature
  • Automatic escalation of tasks
  • Creation of a new route following the standard SilverBridge guidelines

Environment readiness

You will need the Version 23 Exergy OR later; available in support of this training material to complete the course.


Course Materials