Scheme Administration


This scheme administrator course is a programme consisting of a mix between theory and practical exercises demonstrating the unique value that Exergy offers in successfully supporting key day-to-day scheme creation, membership validation and membership acceptance processes as well as the maintenance of the scheme within the Life Company.


As the scheme administration in Exergy, has evolved over a few sprints since the last released version of Exergy we have incorporated these changes as you proceed through the relevant Lessons; where these changes occur.

It is therefore important that you consider this when working through the course. You may need to only refer to the videos that are relevant for the version of Exergy you will be working with.


Understand the functionality available to the Scheme Administrator user profile

Create a new scheme and link the relevant scheme benefits and scheme override rules to the scheme ensuring a working solution

Create new members and link these to the membership using the quick capture grid option

Process the group life batch manually so as to update the scheme with the relevant financial and commission transactions on the scheme level

Understand the difference between the two scheme batch import types and the features presented in both for new business

  • Express Import
  • Exergy Batch Policy Import Service

Successfully process a scheme batch by means of the file import option using Task Manager

Understand the manner in which certain financial transactions are automatically calculated when using Task Manager for file imports

Understand how to use the CSV map feature in Exergy to convert a file into the required Exergy layout

Successfully import the converted file using the wizard style Exergy Batch Policy Service

Understand the scheme payment and commission transaction distribution

Understand the recommended processes and procedures that will be followed by the Life Company in maintaining the insurance agreement between themselves and their client; i.e. executing a basic monthly cycle; with the focus especially on scheme type policies

  • Move system bill to date to the next month
  • Perform the renewal of the policy book

Process an import file for the existing scheme – (i.e. simulates the 2nd month existence of your scheme); incorporating alterations to recognise the financial transaction impact

Environment readiness

You will need the Version 23 Exergy OR later; available in support of this training material to complete the course.

Getting started:

  • Check that your ‘System bill to date’ is the 1st of the current month.
  • Should this NOT be the case please proceed as follows:
    • Create a task group called ‘Date’ in Task Manager
    • Link the ‘System bill to date’ task to this group and set your date as mentioned above
    • Process the task and check that your date is correct

Please note the above instruction is not the recommended route for normal business practice and is only requested to be completed for training purposes.


Course Materials