Security Administration


This course consists of a mix between theory by means of video demonstration and practical exercises; demonstrating the unique value that Exergy offers in successfully supporting security administration within the Life Company. This includes:

  • a look at the standard Exergy security measures in terms of password and system restrictions that form part of the solution
  • the standard personas created for pre-determined roles within an organisation and the security levels assigned to each
  • the management of security access when applied to a specific role linked to a user


Understand the basic principle of user access and user profile management in Exergy

Understand the different terminology used within the User Config module

Using the recommended ‘Manage Permissions’ feature in Exergy to verify and manage user access for users within the Life company

Create a new user

Re-set passwords as part of the administration function of user access

Assign the user to the relevant group depending on their focus area of responsibility

Understand how to amend/add permissions to vary the standard group restrictions to your specific requirements; so as to apply these settings ensuring correct user access

Apply the results and ensure the relevant authority is assigned to the user


As this course is based on the enhanced security access module, you will need at least a version from Release 23 Exergy and upwards; available in support of this training material to complete the course.


Course Materials