WebPortal for Brokers


The WebPortal for brokers is an online, mobile portal that provides brokers and agents access to client, contract and claim information from Exergy. It is designed to be used on mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and a smartphone to empower its users by providing real-time information for quotations, products, pricing, and much more. Each mobile view is customised to the device and allows for customisation of colours, logos, functionality and add-ons. 

The WebPortal provides empowerment through:

  • online enquiries on quotations, clients, contracts, claims and more
  • reduced time / administration costs as brokers no longer need to contact office personnel
  • a platform for adding lead and client information
  • a platform for creating and distribution of quotations
  • a platform for managing his/her diary and daily tasks


Understand some of the basic features that are currently available within the WebPortal for brokers.

View how you can maintain your prospective and new client information within the application whilst various activity types, as shown below, are completed in the demonstration videos:

  • Capture new clients
  • Capture, upload and assign leads and convert them into clients
  • Search for clients and leads
  • Search for contracts and work with claims
  • Capture quotations and submit these once accepted
  • Download files from the document repository
  • Use the enquiries functionality


Course Materials