WebPortal for Managers


This WebPortal is an online, mobile portal that provides Broker Managers access to client, contract and claim information from Exergy. This view can easily be filtered by means of the down-line feature that allows the manager to view the exact current position of each broker that falls within their own reporting structure.

It is designed to be used on mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and a smartphone to empower its users by providing real-time information on potential policy lapses, policies active VS. inactive, policies within new business status, and much more. Each mobile view is customised to the device and allows for customisation of colours, logos, functionality and add-ons. 

The WebPortal provides empowerment through:

  • online enquiries on clients, contracts, claims and more
  • reduced time / administration costs as managers have broker portfolio information readily available by means of the downline feature
  • a platform that serves as a document repository for template distribution
  • a platform where customised queries can be created in order to track business progress within own structures 
  • a dashboard for managing potential lapses, track new, active and inactive business 


Understand some of the basic features that are currently available within the WebPortal for managers.

View how you can maintain your downline of brokers falling within your structures within the application whilst various activity types, as shown below, are completed in the demonstration videos:

  • Using the dashboards to view information
  • Search for clients
  • Search for contracts and claims
  • Download files from the document repository
  • Use the enquiries functionality


Course Materials